Gandour reject the use of the tribe to gain access to power

After the end of the epic construction partisan and foreseeing the Fourth General Conference .. output side of the Proceedings of the press conference, Assistant to the President and the Vice President of the National Congress of Sudan.
Gandour: Document Eric Reeves and fabricated document.
Gandour: the dialogue is still ongoing and they are talking about the end of refused to participate
Gandour: US demand to postpone the elections unjustifiable intrusion
Gandour: We are with the comprehensive ceasefire and immediate negotiations before
Gandour: We want peace, not Mstdanm temporarily creates more crises
Gandour: ready for everything comes out fair and transparent elections
Gandour: We are not worried about the consolidation of the Islamic grade only, but agreement on the fundamentals
Gandour: dialogue without entering Ghalib movements and political forces remains incomplete
Gandour: reject the use of tribal to get to the helm
Gandour: election law in the interest of the small parties
Gandour: dialogue with the North sector is based on the national agenda and no partisan agenda

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