Khartoum State Reveals 52% Milk Supply Gap

Khartoum – Khartoum State organized yesterday a workshop on milk supply and demand at Corinthia Hotel where the papers revealed a gap in milk production amounting to 52 thousand tones.
For his part, Khartoum State Governor, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khidir said that the tremendous increase in Khartoum population contributed in increasing the consumption of essential commodities including milk products.
He added that the government had set a strategy to support the production to achieve the food security based on five essential pillar on top of which is the self-sufficiency strategy from milks.
He affirmed their support to the producers and establishing the production complexes.
Al-Khidir disclosed that milk sector could contribute by 44% from the GDP if the resourcesis utilized to the maximum, adding that there are about 278 thousand head of cows that can produce more than 5.3 million tones of milk annually.
Animal Resources Minister in Khartoum State, Eng. Mudathir Abdul Ghani said that the workshop aims at looking for new methods and removing the obstacles facing this sector

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