Khartoum Refinery Remarkable Success Story

Khartoum – Khartoum Refinery deserves the social responsibility award, for the total commitment and services it has rendered to the local community residing in the nearby area,
Since it foundation as joint project between the between government Sudan represented by ministry of Petroleum and China National Petroleum Corporation.
The Refinery has changed the life of the people in a nearby villages and the area of scrub –land into one of the country’s most industrialized areas. It provides employment and stable living conditions for the local people living in the area, and who are far from the whole country. The workforce is drawn from different parts of Sudan. The Refinery also provides the villages with primary health care facilities and helps in primary education. Most of the people in area are getting benefits in one way or other from the Refinery.
The Refinery also provides business opportunities for various service industries, restaurants, Banks in the area,
Moreover, the Khartoum Refinery produces benefits for Sudan, both in terms of employment and services and valuable skill experience in addition to many others valuable funds generated by the refinery.
The Refinery helps Sudan to produce oil and the end of shortage which used to be in the past. The refinery can produce a number products in the future

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