Ethiopia: First Meeting of Tripartite Committee on GERD Concludes

Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan held the first meeting of the Tripartite National Committee Meeting over the weekend starting Saturday and concluding on Monday.
The meeting was the result of the decisions reached at the 4th Tripartite Ministerial Meeting held in Khartoum, last month (August 25- 26).
Following the 4th Tripartite Ministerial Meeting on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project, the three countries agreed to set up a Tripartite National Committee, of four members from each country, to follow up and conduct the studies recommended by the International Panel of Experts earlier.
These were the Study on Water Resources/Hydropower System Simulation Model, and the Study on Transboundary Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment. An international consultancy firm is being hired to carry out the studies.
In a joint statement issued on Monday at the end of the TNC meeting, the three water ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan said they had witnessed the successful deliberation and accomplishment of the first meeting and that “will forge and strengthen trust and confidence among the three countries.”
They said they believed this was “a good start and a step forward to discharge our responsibilities and expectations of our people and the region.”
During the meeting, the three Ministers and their teams of advisors had the chance to visit the construction site, on Sunday (September 21) and see the ongoing activities there.
The joint statement said the three Ministers believed that the deliberations and successful conclusion of the first TNC meeting would lay the foundation for professional and responsible cooperation.
The three countries have agreed to hold the meeting of the TNC in rotation and the next meeting will be held in Cairo.

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