Vice President Underlines Importance of Linking Microfinance to Socio-economic Reform

Khartoum – The Vice President of the Republic Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman has affirmed the need to link the issues of microfinance to the socio-economic reform.
He vowed to address the challenges facing microfinance to alleviate poverty and to increase production and productivity.
He gave directives, when he addressed an inclusive forum on the issues of microfinance held Monday at the Friendship Hall under slogan (Leading microfinance Project to Reduce Poverty), to the Central Bank of Sudan and the Ministry of Finance and National Economy to support microfinance institutions, to increase the capitals of Saving and Family Banks, to open branches of microfinance institutions in all the states, pointing out to the need to increase production and exports to replace the imports.
The Vice President also directed measurement of the impact of microfinance projects, besides establishment of a committee of experts from the Central Bank, the Ministries of Finance and Social Welfare to check the national economy indicators.

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