Sudan Delegation to Geneva Refutes Allegations, Rejects Condemnation of Sudan

Khartoum – Under Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Esam Abdul Gadir, the member of the government delegation to the 27th Session of Human Rights Committee in Geneva, has revealed that the Advisory Council of Human Rights was able to monitor early signs by some circles who are seeking to condemn Sudan through attempts to get anti-Sudan resolution adopted by the session regarding alleged deterioration of human rights situation in Sudan.
He said some countries are expressly seeking to get a resolution passed by the Council against Sudan to put Sudan under further observation by placing it under item four or second of the Charter of the Council of Human Rights.
He added that the EU and many other hostile organizations working in the field of human rights are coordinating to condemn Sudan.
Abdul Gadir also disclosed the efforts made by the Sudanese delegation on different themes regarding direct reaction to what was raised at the Council’s session, adding that the delegation conducted an in-depth study of the report of the independent expert and the possible observations and responses.
Esam said the delegation will meet with the independent expert before presenting his verbal briefing to the Council to clarify some facts which have not been included in his report or some unsubstantiated claims.
He said Sudan will take clear-cut stance on the decision to be issued by the Council and will reject any attempt to put Sudan back under item four or to impose any monitoring on it. Sudan will also reject any move by any group other than the one Sudan belongs to, he said.
He added that the delegation managed to get Sudan’s message across, saying the delegation is doing its best to clarify the facts to the international public opinion and to refute all allegations by human rights circles.

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