Internal Disputes on Principles behind Failure in Formation of SPLM-Darfur Sector: Sudacal

Khartoum – the renowned Sudanese businessman, Adam Abdalla Adam (Sudacal), has said that he has suffered legal fabrications orchestrated by some circles who claimed his involvement in money laundry and support for insurgency, forcing him to leave the country to South Sudan and from there to Chad and then to the field in Darfur.

He said he met with some military commanders and decided to fight for removing injustice through the formation of a robust military force comprising Darfuris, adding that he returned to Juba where he met with the government of south Sudan and they began to establish SPLM-Darfur Sector.

Speaking to Sudan Vision on phone from London, he said the leadership of the movement was entrusted to him and Yassir Arman was asked to finalize other arrangements, adding that he was appointed commander of a military force comprising thousand combatants who had received high quality training in Darfur.

He said after that they established the military and political structure of the movement and decided to overthrow the government from Darfur. He added that a meeting was held with the Presidency Establishment and a transparent discussion followed and the differences that were caused by Salah Gosh were overcome.

Adam confirmed the seriousness and sincerity of the government to resolve pending issues specially that they do not have any demands apart from the need to live their normal life and enjoy equal rights.

He said differences on principles precluded the formation of SPLM Darfur Sector and instead Sudan Youth Liberation Movement was set up, adding that the intervention of the Presidency prevented military action in Darfur.

Our national duty entails we support political stability and we will continue to support the President’s initiative for national dialogue, he said.

He said he told Yassir Arman that there is no alternative other than dialogue and that the presence of Al Bashir in power is important for stability of the country because he is the only personality who enjoys consensus of the Sudanese people within and abroad.

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