Al-Waseela Calls on Political Forces to Agree on Dialogue

Khartoum – The political secretary of the registered Democratic Unionist Party, Al-Sammani Al-Waseela, has called upon the political forces to agree on national dialogue and free themselves from bigotry to resolve the country’s crises.

Speaking at SUNA forum, he said the political forces should rally around dialogue on the assumption that it is a priority at this particular juncture, adding that the ongoing controversy on elections will be resolved through dialogue.

Al-Waseela affirmed the existence of real crises in the country which requires rationality on the part of all the political forces to address them, calling upon all forces to push aside their partisan allegiance and work for the country.

The political parties are in agreement on issues by 80%, he said, adding that organizing elections is a constitutional right but at this particular time dialogue is needed to preserve unity of the country.

Dr. Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, deputy chairman of the National Umma Party, said national dialogue creates a conducive environment in favour of the country, adding that the political parties should know that the international community is focused on Sudan, and national accord will force the international community to lift economic sanctions and Sudan’s name from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

She called on the armed movements to enter into peaceful process and considered the signing of an agreement by the government and movements in Addis Ababa as a new stage, urging the government to make additional concessions for the sake of the country.

Meanwhile, NCP leading figure, Al-Fadil Haj Sulaiman, stressed that neither the president nor any other body has the right to delay the elections so that the country is not plunged in constitutional vacuum because the legislative and national institutions including the presidency will cease to exist by April next year.

He called upon the political forces to be keen on the interest of the country by participating in national dialogue to come up with a democratic vision on peaceful transfer of power.

The NCP is part of the national dialogue mechanism and is working to convince the holdout groups to come on board, he said.

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