Dosa Calls for Removing Unilateral Sanction against Sudan

Khartoum – Minister of Justice Mohammed Bushara Dosa attacked the US and some European countries for criticizing the report submitted by the Human Rights Independent Expert Mashood Adebayo Baderin to United Nation Security Council (UNSC) on situation of human rights in Sudan on Thursday.
Dosa described the report as reasonable, adding that it unveils that Sudan has fulfilled its obligations towards human rights. Talking to Radio Omdurman on Friday, Dosa called on the international community to support removal of economic sanction imposed against Sudan.
Dosa pointed out that the majority of the member countries called on providing Sudan with technical support in Human rights, explaining that the mission of the independent expert should be restricted to the Tenth Item. He denounced the voices raised to call keeping Sudan under the Fourth Item, stressing importance of exempt Sudan from foreign debts and removal of sanctions to support underway development of human rights situation across the country.
“We have integrated plan to boost human rights situation in Sudan,” aired Dosa, adding that about 106 international organization have been working unreservedly in Sudan since the beginning of 2014.
He revealed that concerned institutions observe infractions committed by some international organizations.
Dosa admitted presence of difficulties hurdling development of human rights situation in the country resulted from local upset added to economic sanctions with foreign debts.
He called on political forces not to submit complaints on human rights violations in the country, lauding the supportive role played by Arab and African countries in HRC.

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