UNHRC Appoints New Independent Expert for Sudan

KHARTOUM – The chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in Geneva announced that the Irish-born Thomas Edward will become the new independent expert on human rights in Sudan to succeed Mashood Baderin.
Edward holds PhD in Islamic sciences and is considered one of the Europeans experts in Sudanese affairs beside his specialization in human rights issues. He also worked as a consultant for the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and political adviser to the UN Secretary General during the referendum process for South Sudan.
The new UN expert has three books on Sudan where he worked as a teacher and toured in many of its regions.
This week the Sudanese Justice minister Mohamed Bushara Dosa called on UNHRC to end the mandate of the independent expert and rejected accusations made by NGO’s and Western countries of committing serious violations of freedoms and human rights, particularly in conflict areas of Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile.
He further rejected allegations by the outgoing independent expert that Khartoum is dragging its feet in investigating the September 2013 protests and pointed out that the government has submitted to him a detailed report on measures undertaken with respect to those events.
Dosa also questioned the need for extending the mandate of the independent expert saying he has failed to render technical aid to Sudan as the international community also failed to lift sanctions and cancel debts or pressing rebels to stop violations and abuses.
“What is the use of the mandate imposed under article 10? Isn’t it fair to end the mandate and let Sudan like other states apply its laws? ”
In Khartoum, the minister of state at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kamal Ismail said that Sudan’s human rights record is one of the best compared to other countries in the region.
He told reporters on Thursday that Khartoum refuses to receive lectures from others on human rights pointing that they are aware of plots being designed against Sudan during current session of UNHRC.
He noted that those who sought to bring up the case of Meriam who was accused of apostasy have negative and premeditated attitudes and wanted to produce negative resolutions against Sudan.
The minister disclosed that Sudan worked with G77 countries to abort any move to place Sudan under renewed monitoring.

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