W. Kordofan State Sponsors Maalia and Hamar Reconciliation Conference

Khartoum – West Kordofan Governor, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Khamis Bakheet affirmed that the reconciliation conference between Maalia and Hamar tribes comes within the security plan of the state to achieve security and tribal reconciliations in the area.
While addressing the reconciliation conference between Hamar and Maalia in Al-Foula, Bakheet said that the conference is under the supervision of Vice President Hassabo Mohammed Abdul-Rahman and that the chieftains of the two tribes pledged to work together to reach a comprehensive reconciliation agreement that brings an end to the conflict.
For his part, East Darfur Governor, Col. Al-Tayeb Abdul-Karim pledged to implement all the recommendations reached by the conferees, calling on the two parties to be patient to reach a sustainable reconciliation.


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