29 Mining Locations Discovered in N. Darfur

Khartoum – North Darfur state government has disclosed that there are 29 mining areas in the region inhabited by 290 people in addition other minerals are yet to be explored.
The state’s minister for finance Abu Daud Suleiman said that Sufyan fields in the locality of Al-Lieit and Square A12 are promising with high and commercial productivity that will the change economic scene for Sudan.
Addressing the economic issue during the National Congress general assembly in North Darfur, Suleiman said that economic boom in the country is contingent on a political will aimed at economic reform, lifting sanctions and ending wars ad conflicts. He said that the problems of the Sudanese economy lie in reliance on foreign powers, domestic problems and sanctions.
The North Darfur finance minister said that the three-year-plan has been a success in containing budget deficit, relative benefit in external sector, increasing revenues, but admitted that there is still a need for tremendous effort to contain inflations and factors of decreasing living conditions. He added that the program has not brought about anything new relative to attracting foreign investment due to the repercussions of the economic crisis and other political and economic factors. Suleiman pointed out that the five-year-economic programme is considered a supplementary to the three-year-plan.

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