Government, UNDP Sign Reintegration Agreements

Khartoum – The Ministry of Finance and National Economy signed three agreements with the UN yesterday.

The first agreement comes within the framework of the UN Development Program (UNDP) aiming to reintegrate demobilised fighters from Darfur.

The contracts allocate $37.2 million to reintegrate 13,500 fighters into local communities.

Undersecretary of Finance, Mustafa Holi signed on behalf of the government while Country Director of the UNDP, Yvonne Helle signed on behalf of the UN.

The second agreement aims to restrict the spread of small arms in Darfur. The UNDP has allocated $8 million to implement the program. Holi told the press that the program targets 30 localities in Darfur.

On the other hand, the finance minister signed a contract with the UNDP to fund the insurance against climate risks project.

Labour Minister, Ishraqa Sayed Mahmoud stated that the fund provided for the reintegration program will sustain peace in war-affected regions, lauding the efforts carried out by the Demobilisation, Disarmament and Reintegration commission (DDR), vowing to provide the program with necessary logistic support.

On her part, Helle stressed the importance of full cooperation between UNDP and concerned institutions.

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