Al-Mahdi Seeking Help from Foreign and Armed Movement: NCP

Khartoum – The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) on Sunday accused President of the National Umma Party (NUP), Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, of seeking the help of foreigners and armed movements.

“Al Mahdi has committed several mistakes against the country and his return home is conditioned on his disengagement with rebel movements,” said Mohamed Bireima, NCP leading figure, in statement to Ashorooq TV.

“Al Mahdi said he would come home and we welcome his return to correct his mistakes,” Bireima added.

“Al Mahdi went abroad looking for dialogue despite the fact that he was part of the process inside the country,” he stated.

“The National Intelligence and Security Services have the right to file a case against Al Mahdi because the organ is responsible for protecting the country,” he said, adding that Al Mahdi resorted to unlawful means and joined hands with armed movements.

“The launch of the dialogue process and guarantee of freedoms does not mean people are allowed to tamper with the security and stability of the country,” the NCP leading figure said.

Speaking at a conference at Al Ahram Centre in Cairo Sunday, Al Mahdi said he would return home if his party’s apparatuses so decide and if his presence is required by Thabo Mbeki’s initiative.

He said he would return home as soon as his mission abroad is completed, which includes the strengthening of relations and coalitions between parties of the Paris Declaration and its regional and international backers, besides conducting contacts to obtain international commitments to write-off Sudan’s debts and lift economic sanctions.

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