Sudan Given 5 Years to Dispose of Mercury

Khartoum – Environment, Forestry and Physical  Development Minister, Hassan Abdul Gader Hilal revealed that Sudan signed a ‘Mercury Agreement’, in which it was given a grace period of five years and financial and technical support to safely dispose of mercury during the climate summit, which was held recently in New York.

The minister briefed the Vice-President, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman on the results of Sudan’s participation in the climate summit in New York and Gum Arabic belt and how to support the product through development of the funding process, training of producers and provision of modern mechanisms to increase production.

Abdul-Rahman urged the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Urban Development to focus on the issue of the environment in the country, as it finds great attention from civil society and international organisations.

He called for the development of Sudan’s capabilities through the provision of adequate studies and benefit from Sudanese technicians to prepare projects to be supported by international organisations.

The minister pointed to the importance of afforestation in light of global trade as a key element in the absorption of carbon material that causes the hole in the ozone layer and climate change, stressing that Sudan will host the headquarters of the African Carbon Bank after it is founded.

Abdul-Rahman pointed to the visit of the Minister of Environment of the State of Qatar to Sudan on October 26 to 29 to discuss a number of environmental issues and the development of manufacturing and exporting of Gum Arabic.


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