Al-Bashir: Our visit asserts depth of relations between the two countries

NCP. Khartoum

President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir underscored that his visit to Jimma City, the first of its kind, affirmed firmness of the progressing relations between Sudan and Ethiopia.

The President of the Republic , during inauguration of university hospital in Jimma, expressed pleasure over visit of the city at invitation of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed .

He announced provision of 10 scholarships for the university students in area of high studies and other 10 scholarships for specialization at Sudan Medical Specialization Board.

The President also attended inauguration of a number of other utilities and projects in Jimma.

President Al-Bashir arrived in Jimma City Saturday morning to take part in a number of activities which are taking place within framework of commemoration of the Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day.

A huge official and popular reception was held for President Al-Bashir in presence of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed.

The President’s accompanied delegation comprises Minister of Presidency of the Republic, Dr FADUL Abdalla Fadul, Foreign Minister, Dr Al-Dirditri Mohamed Ahmed and Director National Intelligence and Security Service(NISS), Ge. Salah Abdalla.

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