Sudan welcomes Darfur peace talks resumption under Qatari mediation

NCP. Khartoum

Sudan has reiterated that the agreement signed between the Sudanese government and the Jibril-led Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudan Liberation led by Minni Arko Minnawi in Berlin as a prelude to resume negotiations under Qatari mediation and supervision in Doha, which is the only venue where the negotiations are to be held and on the basis of the Doha document.

The State Minister and Head of the Office Darfur Peace Magdi Khalafallah said that the German Foreign Ministry, which oversaw the negotiations that led to the agreement on Thursday with the support of the German Barkof Foundation, indicated an international concern with this issue. Khalafallah said that all parties have granted full confidence to the State of Qatar as the sole sponsor and supervisor of the negotiations, pointing out that the achievement of an agreement and the confirmation of handing over the flag of the file to the State of Qatar is an important step in the process of achieving peace in Darfur.

“This was clearly demonstrated by the international attention given to the event and the presence of representatives of the European Union, Norway, the United Kingdom and France to the signing ceremony”, he added. The Head of Darfur Peace File reiterated Sudan’s firm position that peaceful negotiation was the most effective, efficient and ideal tool for the conflicts resolution. He said that the pre-Doha agreement, signed in the premises of the German Foreign Ministry and the resumption of negotiations under the Qatari supervision and mediation, would lead the negotiations to the end of conflicts and realize peace in Darfur. He told that the International Committee on the Follow-up of the Implementation of the Doha Peace would be held next Sunday at the Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum, in the presence of the UN-AU Joint Mediator, the Qatari Foreign Ministry’s envoy and other international partners. SUNA is to recall that the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)-Minnawi and Justice and Equality-Jibril signed a pre-Doha agreement on Thursday at the premises of the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin.

The release pointed out that the signing of the agreement came under the generous patronage of the German government and the attendance of the State Minister at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the presence of the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the African Union Jermaya Mamapolo, the Special Envoy of the State of Qatar Dr. Mutalag Al-Qahtani and the participation of all international envoys from the US, British, French and Norwegian governments, as well as the German Barcoff Foundation. The statement indicated that the agreement also provided for the resumption of the Doha negotiations between the Sudanese government and the two parties to the agreement would be held in Doha, adding that the Doha Agreement on Darfur Peace is to be the basis for the negotiations, with the commitment to discuss all issues that the two movements believe are needed to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable peace in Darfur.

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