Delegation of business contractors to visit US

NCP. Khartoum

Kh. Gh

A Sudanese business delegation of building contractors, engineers and consultants will visit the US by the mid of coming February.

President of the Chamber of Commerce , Yousef Ahmed met Tuesday with Commercial Attaché of the US embassy here, Lea Cibola to discuss participation of the 60-plus strong delegation in the World Home-Building Exhibition in the city of Las Vegas next February 19-21 in which more than 100 countries will take part.

Attendants at the meeting raised with the US official the issues of impediments faced by Sudanese businessmen in dealing with US partners including bank transfers , letters of credit ,imports and financing.

In reply , the US diplomat explained that the questions are connected to the second phase of US-Sudan dialogue and striking off Sudan’s name from the list of state sponsors of terrorism , hoping that the talks will lead to earnest steps in that direction, and expressed welcome of the delegation’s upcoming visit.

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